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At work, Natalie writes copy for marketing and branding materials, spanning a wide range of clients and industries. See professional samples here.
Natalie's first book, All of This Was Once Under Water, is now available from Quarter Press. It is a speculative collection of poems grounded in Utah's history and scenery. Poet Teresa Cader says of the book:

"In All of This Was Once Under Water, Natalie Padilla Young conjures a physical and metaphysical universe in which the history of the Great Salt Lake and the struggles of her Mormon ancestors intertwine. Narratives of suffering, phantasmagorical legend, environmental threat, science, faith, love, and gender fluidity unspool in language as pristine and biting as salt. A great imagination is at work in these poems as Young probes the enmeshed lives of an alien, a lone human She, and a mythic monster in startling diction and syntax and haunting imagery."  

See poetry samples here.
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