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Breakfast Food & Mutated Gratitude

What's helping today? Coffee. Cinnamon raisin French toast with peanut butter, bananas and ginger syrup.

I woke up too early for a Saturday from a horrible dream. I lay there for a bit and got more and more anxious because, well, TRUMP. I got up, let the dogs out, made breakfast and decided to focus on what was helping. Which is kind of like gratitude, but maybe more basic, possibly even more base. Because what's helping me in the moment can be complicated French toast or yesterday when I bought a new mat for the dog bowls. (Nano asked what it was when I unwrapped it; I told him it was a yoga mat for Walter, our nine-pound dog. You should have seen his face, because, let's face it—I'm capable of such a thing.)

I think gratitude journals are great...for other people. I believe that gratitude can keep us positive and in a more harmonious place. However, for me, when asked, "What are you grateful for?" The same answers always pop into my head: family, friends, a place to live, a job, etc. All of those things I am grateful for and they're so important, but listing them off, doesn't make me feel much different, because I don't focus enough. Gratitude feels like acknowledging what I have been given (which is A LOT), while answering "What's helping today?" is more about what I'm doing—it's more active—creating more proactive, granular answers and solutions. I'm going to ask that question at least once a day, and some of the answers are going to be ridiculous and not what a therapist or nutritionist would recommend, but at least I'm trying.

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